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Virginia Department of Fire Programs
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Explosive and Fireworks

Explosive and Occupancy Permit Programs

As required by the Code of Virginia §27-97, the State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) issues permits for the storage, use, and sale of explosives in areas with no local enforcement. This includes investigation of complaints.

The SFMO issues permits for firework displays at state owned sites only. Fees are $200 for outdoor and $300 for indoor displays. Whether indoor or outdoor, in the case of identical, multi-day displays, there is an additional $150 for each subsequent day.

Permits are renewed annually at a fee of $150 for all use permits and $100 for storage. Written verification that the applicant is bonded is required to properly obtain a use permit. A separate magazine is required to store explosives and detonators for all storage permits.

In those localities where the State Fire Marshal’s Office has enforcement authority, a separate application to use explosives is required for each city or county in which the applicant plans or intends to use explosives. If an applicant operates in multiple jurisdictions, multiple applications and permits are required. An application fee of $150 is required for each permit. Photocopies of applications are acceptable.

Please keep in mind that permits issued by the State Fire Marshal's Office are not applicable in localities enforcing the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC). If a locality has a fire official, then the permit has to be obtained from the local official. A list of local officials is available further down on this screen under the list of "Publications".

You may download permit applications from this site or call the State Fire Marshal’s Office at (804) 371-0220 for applications or questions regarding the explosive permit process.

For more information on explosives permits, firework displays, claster certification and/or background clearance cards, contact:

  • State Fire Marshal,
  • Glenn Dean,
  • Call: 804-371-0220

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Last Updated: Wednesday, August 13, 2014