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Virginia Department of Fire Programs

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VDFP Operations and Training Manual

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Listed below is a complete listing of the revised version VDFP Instructor Manual in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. The new title of this manual will be the VDFP Operations and Training Manual. This document has been revised to better service the Fire and Emergency Service providers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The new manual is now separated into four easy to follow sections to include: VDFP General Information, Instructor section, Student section, and Virginia Fire Marshal Academy section. By clicking on each section, a .pdf version of that section may be viewed, downloaded, and printed for you convenience. Full electronic versions of this manual may be purchased through the VDFP Bookstore in the near future. 

Table of Contents

VDFP General Section GS1 – GS8

Section Description
Manual Cover Operations and Training Manual Cover (Revised July 2012)
Section Cover General Section Cover
Section GS1 History of Virginia Department of Fire Programs, Virginia Fire Service Board (Revised July 2011)
Section GS2  Virginia Department of Fire Programs Contact Information (Revised July 2012)
Section GS3   Procedures for Developing Fire/Rescue Training Courses (Revised July 2011)
Section GS4  Virginia Fire Services Board Information (Revised April 2012)
Section GS5 Fire Department Identification Numbers (FDID) (Revised July 2011)
Section GS6 Hazardous Materials Memorandum of Understanding (Revised July 2012)
Section GS7 Training & Operations Trailer Policy (Revised November 2011)
Section GS8 Under Revision

Instructor Section IS1 – IS7

Section Description
Section Cover Instructor Section Cover
Section IS1 Instructor Certification Procedures and Criteria (Revised June 2012)
Section IS2
Section IS2A
Policies Governing the Conduct of Fire/Rescue Training Courses (Revised August 2012)
Outdoor Training Extreme Weather Policy
Section IS3 Safety in Training (Reviewed July 2011)
Section IS4
Section IS4A
Conduct of High Risk Training Activities (Revised July 2012)
Fire Fighter Hydration Policy
Section IS5  Adjunct Instructor Payroll Information (Revised August 2012)
Section IS6 Fire School Information Records Forms (Revised July 2012)
Section IS7 Policy for Conducting Live Fire Training Evolutions (Revised July 2011)
Section Addendum Department of Accounts - State Travel Regulations (This section is not part of normal manual, reference for timesheet and travel) (Updated October 2013)
Original document is housed on the Site

Student Section SS1 – SS7

Section Description
Section Cover Student Section Cover
Section SS1 Junior Firefighter Program
Secton SS2
Section SS2A
Certification Procedures National Professional Qualification Systems (Revised July 2011)
Student Academic Integrity Policy
Section SS3 Progression of Training Information (Revised May 2012)
Section SS4 National Fire Academy Training Delivered by VDFP (Revised July 2011)
Section SS5 Virginia Department of Fire Programs Bookstore Information
Section SS6 Professional Certification Procedures (Revised May 2013)
Section SS7 Virginia Department of Fire Programs Administrative Guides and Pre-requisites - Under Revision

VFMA Section VFMA1

Section Description
Section Cover Virginia Fire Marshal Academy Section Cover
Section VFMA1 Virginia Fire Marshal Academy - Administrative Guide (Revised July 2011)

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Last Updated: Friday, October 4, 2013