About Virginia Fire Marshal Academy

Fire Marshals serve as the law and code enforcement arm of the fire service. After receiving extensive training, fire inspectors and investigators are responsible for fire prevention, inspections and investigations. The Virginia Fire Marshal Academy recruits instructors to teach these extensive programs and organizes training classes that are held throughout the Commonwealth.

VFMA Course Descriptions

Virginia Fire Marshal Academy Application and Instructions

Civilian Entry for VFMA Schools

NEW! Virginia Law Enforcement School Application and Instructions (fillable form) !

*Please Note as of June 1, 2017* – Code of Virginia §15.2-1705 defines the minimum qualifications for law enforcement officers within the Commonwealth.  There are specific categories and types of offenses that disqualify an individual from holding such a position.  This information is reproduced on the updated application.  Rather than submitting a criminal history / background check to VFMA, we are placing responsibility on the employing / sponsoring agency to conduct a criminal history / background check and certify that the applicant satisfies the stated criteria.  There is a signature block on the application for the Chief of Department or Chief Executive of the jurisdiction to certify this information.

VFMA School Schedule 2019


Location Begin Date End Date Application Open Application Close

Student Notifications

Inspector Bridge/Re-Entry (Northern)
Fairfax Co.
2/11/19 2/16/19 12/18/18 1/5/19 1/12/19
Fire Life Safety Educator Level  2 (Northern)
2/19/19 2/23/19 12/18/18 1/13/19 1/20/19
1033 Fire Investigator (Tidewater)
VA Beach
2/25/19 3/23/19 12/18/18 1/19/19 1/26/19
1031 Fire Inspector (Tidewater)
VA Beach
3/25/19 4/13/19 1/2/19 2/16/19 2/23/19
Environmental Crimes (Tidewater)
4/15/19 4/20/19 1/23/19 3/9/19 3/16/19
1031 Fire Inspector (Northern)
Fairfax Co.
4/29/19 5/18/19 2/6/19 3/23/19 3/30/19
1033 Fire Investigator (Central) Richmond 6/3/19 6/29/19 3/13/19 4/27/19 5/4/19
Fire Life Safety Educator Level  I (Central)
6/24/19 6/28/19 4/3/19 5/18/19 5/25/19
1031 Fire Inspector (Western)
7/8/19 7/27/19 4/17/19 6/1/19 6/8/19
1033 Fire Investigator (Northern)
7/29/19 8/24/19 5/8/19 6/22/19 6/29/19
Environmental Crimes (Northern)
8/26/19 8/31/19 6/5/19 7/20/19 7/27/19
Basic Law Enforcement (Central)
9/9/19 11/16/19 6/19/19 8/3/19 8/10/19
Fire Life Safety Educator Level  2 (Northern)
9/16/19 9/20/19 6/26/19 8/10/19 8/17/19
1031 Fire Inspector (Central) PSTC 9/23/19 10/12/19 7/3/19 8/17/19 8/24/19
Fire Life Safety Educator Level  I (Western)
10/15/19 10/19/19 7/25/19 9/8/19 9/15/19
Environmental Crimes (Western)
10/21/19 10/26/19 7/31/19 9/14/19 9/21/19


Please send all general correspondence, including course applications, course requests and transcript audit requests to FMA@vdfp.virginia.gov.

Recertification Information

Inquiries regarding re-certification hours or course requests shall be submitted in accordance with the VFMA Request Procedures.

Continuing Education Requirements

VFMA On-Line Recertification Training Policy

Department of Housing and Community Development

Virginia Chapter – International Association of Arson Investigators

Virginia Fire Prevention Association


Bridge Program

This program is intended for 1031 Fire Inspector accredited certificate holders seeking reciprocity to satisfy the requirements of Section 27.34-2 of the Code of Virginia regarding the authority to arrest, to procure and serve warrants of arrest and to issue summons or certificate holders that are classified as lapsed according to Virginia Certification Standard, Section 12VAC5-21-51 regarding issuance and maintenance of certificates.

DHCD-VBCA Core Module

When registering for the 1031 Fire Inspector class please review the Department of Housing and Community Development- Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy (VBCA) course schedule for registration dates for the “Core” module as it is highly suggested that this course is taken prior to 1031 Fire Inspector.  Registration for this course is completed through the VBCA. Please find below the link to the VBCA course schedule.

 VBCA Course Schedule