To order Propane Emergencies textbooks, please contact the Propane Education and Resource Council’s Propane Resource Catalog at 1-866-905-1075 or create a user account and order online Please be prepared to provide your credit card number to facilitate ordering. If you have additional questions about propane training or propane emergencies training, you can contact Baron Glassgow at the Virginia Propane Gas Association at 866-881-6309 or email to .

All book orders must be made either via fax (804-371-3334) or on-line.


Items not found on this page may be found on IFSTA and Other Publications page.

Item # Description Price
10080CHART Hazardous Materials Placarding Chart $3.00
0607002255 Work Zone Safety Guide $10.00
0720105053 Mayday! Firefighter Down! $3.00
5090 HazMat Awareness Knowledge Center*
5095 HazMat Operations Knowledge Center*
5100 Officer III (VDFP) Knowledge Center*
0403125101 Basic Pump Operations Study Guide $2.00
0405125233 Rural Water Supply Level I $3.00
1609830311 VA State Fire Prevention Code $65.00
1609830298 2009 VA Construction Code $77.00
Item # Instructor Guides/Curriculum Packages Price
5225 Haz-Mat Awareness IG Knowledge Center*
5226 Haz-Mat Operations IG Knowledge Center*
5229 EVOC (Instructor) Knowledge Center*
0879394448 Fire & Emergency Services Inst, 8TH ED Flash Drive $144.00
Item # National Fire Academy Course Description Price
2002081530 Arson Detection for the First Responder $6.00
2009083532 Health & Safety Officer $6.00
2009083532 ISO / (New Version on CD ONLY) $6.00
2010071170 Leadership I: Company Success $7.00
2010071171 Leadership II: Strategies for Personal Success $6.00
2010071172 Leadership III: Supervisory Success $6.00
1005NFA565 NIMS ICS for the Fire Service (Or NIMS ICS for First Responders – Please Call $8.00
2005120537 Strategy & Tactics for Initial Company Operations $6.00