About VDFP

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs is one of eleven agencies within the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security. The Agency is organized into three branches with seven division offices throughout the Commonwealth.

Mission Statement

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs serves the citizens of the Commonwealth by enhancing public safety through supplemental funding to local governments, education and training to first responders, fire prevention and life safety education through community risk reduction, and statewide fire code enforcement.

Vision Statement

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs will strive to be the internationally recognized and trusted leader in providing fire and emergency services support to communities throughout Virginia.

The Agency’s Code of Ethics and Core Values

Agency’s Code of Ethics

Agency’s Core Values


The Virginia Department of Fire Programs provides:

  • Funding – The agency provides financial assistance to Virginia’s fire services through the distribution of the Aid-to-Localities (ATL) grant program as well as through various other grant programs (i.e. Burn Building grant program).
  • Professional Development – As the nationally-accredited fire service training entity in Virginia, the agency provides training programs for both career and volunteer emergency responders throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Research – As the managing agency for the Virginia Fire Incident Reporting System (VFIRS), the agency is responsible for data collection, analysis, and information reporting to Virginia’s fire services, Virginia’s policy makers, and nationally to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). The agency also utilizes the data it collects to both identify and promote fire services best practices.
  • Operational Support & Technical Assistance – As a Virginia Emergency Support Team (VEST) agency, we provide both operational and technical assistances to communities in need during emergencies of all types. This includes both operational support in the Virginia Emergency Operations center (VEOC) and in-the field.
  • Fire Prevention Inspections – The State Fire Marshal’s Office [SFMO] has the responsibility of protecting life and property for the citizens of the Commonwealth through the utilization of inspectors to complete fire safety inspections; by conducting building plans reviews for fire safety measures; and by conducting construction inspections for fire safety systems in all state buildings.

Office of the Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for executive level supervision to agency staff; budgeting guidance; strategic planning; validation of programs; coordination of policy; guidance on state preparedness issues; assistance with coordination of statewide training and education programs; and agency response to large scale emergencies to support local jurisdictions.

VDFP is headquartered in Glen Allen, VA and has seven regional training offices that house both our training support staff and State Fire Marshal Office (SFMO) staff.  The seven regional division offices are located in Glen Allen (Division 1), Culpepper (Division 2), Farmville (Division 3), Chilhowie (Division 4), Hampton (Division 5), Roanoke (Division 6), and Fairfax (Division 7).  VDFP currently has 77 full–time staff, 17 part time staff and over 400 state-certified instructors who deliver our training programs through site-specific mobile training, at any of the regional training facilities, or at locality training centers. The agency administers an annual budget of $41 million.



Agency Administration

Agency Administration oversees the Finance, Information TechnologyStatistics, Grants and Local Aid, and Government Affairs sections of the agency. This branch, in conjunction with the Department of Human Resource Management, also handles all personnel and employee relations. Additionally, the activities of the Virginia Fire Services Board are administered by Agency Administration.


Information Technology

Fire Data and Statistics

Grants and Local Aid

Government Affairs

Virginia Fire Services Board


Training and Development

Training and Development coordinates and delivers fire emergency services education and training programs for the fire and emergency response community, public, law enforcement and industry for the purpose of protecting and defending the commonwealth against the loss of life and property.  Training and Development is organized into General Fire Service Training and Specialized Training.

To deliver General Fire Service Training as efficiently as possible, VDFP  has 7 Division Offices throughout Virginia. Each Division represents the fire departments within their designated region and provides training course work and instruction for firefighters, emergency service personnel and citizens.

Specialized Training consists of Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF), National Incident Management System (NIMS), and Technical Rescue (TR) Programs.

State Fire Marshal's Office

The State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) provides many services to provide safety to life and property from fire for the citizens of the Commonwealth. The SFMO currently has five regional offices throughout Virginia. Additional Information on the State Fire Marshal’s Office: