Grants and Local Aid

VDFP Funding

Annual Package – A summary of all VDFP grants. Aid To Localities – provides Virginia cities, towns and counties with funds to pay for training, construction of training centers, fire fighting equipment and protective clothing. Live Fire Training Structure Grants – Grants provided for the construction, renovation, or repair of Live Fire Training Structures..

Hardware Grants

Technology Grants – Provides fire departments with computer hardware to support the Virginia Fire Incident Reporting System (VFIRS).  

Training Grants

Regional Fire Services Training Facilities Grant Program – provides funding support for multi-jurisdictional fire services training facilities in accordance with the Program Policy. Conference and Education Assistance – Provides needed financial support for conferences and seminars sponsored by Virginia-based non-profit organizations that further the education of fire and emergency services personnel throughout the Commonwealth.

 Non-VDFP Grant Opportunities

Department of Homeland Security Grant Opportunities