The Governor’s Fire Service Awards were established in 2002 as a formal recognition of excellence in Virginia's Fire Services. The awards are presented annually to recipients in eight categories. Each category, save the Private Sector Excellence and Civilian Excellence in Fire Service Support, includes a volunteer and career recipient. Awards are presented annually at the Virginia Fire Rescue Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Awards Timeline

Application Process: Year-Long
Applications Due: December 8th (Extended for 2023)
Materials Sent to First Round: 1 Week after Application Due Date
First Round Complete: 4th Friday of December
Second Round Complete: First Friday of January
Final List to Governor's Office: Second Tuesday of January

How to Submit your Nomination:

Submitting nominations for the Virginia Governor's Fire Service Awards is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to ensure your nominations are received and considered:

  • Review Award Categories: Take a moment to review the available award categories to determine the most suitable recognition for the deserving individual, department, or organization.
  • Prepare Required Information: Gather all necessary details about the nominee's accomplishments, contributions, and any supporting materials that showcase their outstanding achievements.
  • Complete the Online Form: Fill out the Online Submission Form with accurate and comprehensive information about the nominee and their achievements.
  • Complete the Executive Summary: Applications for the Governor's Fire Service Awards must include a prepared Executive Summary as a part of your nomination submission. Additionally, attached to the summary, applications must include at least one letter of recommendation, and a letter from the highest ranking official or their designee of the organization. For Outstanding Fire Department Response, a VFIRS or NFIRS report is required. Documentation should be submitted to .
  • Review and Confirm: Before finalizing your submission, carefully review all entered information to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Submit Your Nomination: Once you're satisfied with the details provided, submit your nomination along with all additional documents by clicking the designated button on the online form.

Governor's Fire Service Award Online Submission Form

Governor' Fire Service Award Executive Summary Form

Award Categories


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