Chief Officers

The purpose of this Chief Officers Resources page is to provide pertinent information to all Chief Officers. Please be encouraged to use them and take full advantage of all educational as well as fiscal benefits available through the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. We have developed this page with you in mind to assist with the necessary resources so that you can continue to serve, represent, and to enhance your professionalism and capabilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

How to Report Contact Information to VDFP

REPORT CONTACT INFORMATION FORM All Fire Departments in the Commonwealth of Virginia and key Chief Officers from industry must update their contact information as it changes. The Fire Service Training Record System (FSTRS) was designed to track training and contact information. The Fire Department database has an area for emergent and non-emergent information. This information may be used to contact the chief officer of the department to clarify training needs, request resources, or for notification purposes during the onset of natural or man-made disasters. We would ask that anytime you have a change in leadership you would update your records by using this direct submittal form or by contacting your local VDFP Division Office.

Fiscal Benefits Available

Please visit our Grants and Local Aid page for a complete listing and description of grants available for Aid to Locality, Burn Building Grants, Technology Grants, VFSB Mini Grants, Emergency Fund Grants, Get Alarmed Virginia Grants, and Virginia Dry Hydrant Grants.

Applications for Associations