1. Request new user login and start process

To create a new user login you will go here.  After entering your email and qualifying password (of medium strength) you will be logged in and able to proceed with the RCIP process by following the “Register a Brand Style” link on the My Account page.   Cookie and Ad blocking should be turned off for this site for smooth transactions.

If you have lost your password you can have a new password emailed to you by clicking “Lost your password?” link


2. Pay for new Registrations

Before submitting your New Submission form you will need to pay for the registrations of your new styles.  If you have your login you can start the submission process by submitting payment here.  Each submission is $250 and must be paid by credit card via the online process.  Once you get to the Register a Brand Style page select the number of registrations you would like to submit.  If you select too many registrations you can adjust the quantity on the Cart page (before payment).  Make sure you are purchasing the correct amount because registrations once purchased are non-refundable.

3. Follow provided link after purchase

After you complete payment for your new brand style you will be provided a link to follow the product submission form.  An email with the link will also be sent to you so you can complete the process even if you close your browser or lose your internet connection.

The provided link will take you to the Submissions page where you will see all tasks related to your submissions.  These tasks will include the new blank registrations forms you have purchased but have not been submitted as well as any submissions that may have been rejected.

4. Complete New Style Submission form and submit for review


Image Submissions Page Screen Shot

To complete the New Style Submission process you will need to fill out the online form accessible from your Submissions page.  Simply complete the online form and press the submit button.  You can only access the submission form on the Submissions page and it will only appear after successful payment.  If you are not provided access to a form on the Submission page make sure your payment was successfully submitted.  If your payment was successfully submitted please double check the Submissions page and contact SFMO.

You will need this information for submission:

  1. Brand Name
  2. Product Name
  3. Style
  4. Length
  5. Circumference
  6. UPC
  7. Flavor
  8. Packaging Type
  9. Filter Type
  10. Lab Results
    1. Lab Name
    2. Lab Address
    3. Test Results
    4. Testing Completion Date
    5. Lab Certification Image (to upload)
    6. Product Image Marking on Package (to upload)
    7. Product Marking Image (to upload)
    8. Additional Supporting Images (to upload)

5. Approval Process

Once SFMO receives your submission it will enter the review process.  After reviewing your submission it may be approved or rejected.  You will be alerted by email when the your submission is approved or rejected.  Depending on volume the review process may take up to 10 business days.  We appreciate your patience.

If rejected you will be asked to provide updates to your submission.  You will be alerted via an email that will contain a link to where you can make the updates.  You will then simply resubmit the form after updates have been made and the review process will repeat.  If your submission has been rejected it can be accessed on the Submissions page.  If your Submissions page is empty your submission(s) are either being reviewed or have been approved.

If your submission is approved you will receive an email and it will appear on the Public Directory or Product Registration page.