Member Term Representing Email
Walter Bailey, Chair 2nd Term Virginia Firefighter’s Association
Jeff Bailey, Vice Chair 2nd Term VA Chapter of International Society of Fire Service Instructors
Stephanie Koren 1st Term Association of Counties
Bettie Reeves-Nobles 2nd Term General Public
James A. Calvert 1st Term Industry (SARA Title III & OSHA)
James M. Stokely 1st Term Insurance Industry
Keith Johnson 1st Term Virginia Fire Chiefs Association
Richard (Rick) Gregory 1st Term Virginia Board of Housing and Community Development
Dennis D. Linaburg 1st Term  VA Chapter of International Association of Arson Investigators
Robert W. Farrell No Term Limit  Virginia Department of Forestry
Ernest Little 1st Term Virginia Fire Prevention Association
Lee Day 1st Term Virginia Fire Services Council
David C. Hankley 1st Term Virginia Municipal League
James D. Poindexter 1st Term Virginia Professional Firefighters

Committees: The are four (4) standing committees on the Virginia Fire Services Board who serve at the pleasure of the Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board shall appoint the Chair and members of all committees, except that the Vice-Chairman of the Board will be Chair of Administration, Policy and Finance.

  1. Committee on Administration, Policy and Finance;
  2. Committee on Fire Education and Training;
  3. Committee on Fire Prevention and Control and;
  4. Live Structure Committee.

Standing Subcommittee.  There is one (1) standing subcommittee on the Virginia Fire Services Board. The Chairman of the Board appoints the Chair and members of the subcommittees.  All subcommittee appointees shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairman of the Board.

  1. Codes and Standards Subcommittee

Committee & Subcommittee Assignments 

Updated: April 2019

Administration, Policy & Finance Committee Fire Education & Training Committee Fire Prevention & Control Committee Live Structure Committee Codes & Standards Subcommittee
Jeff Bailey, Chair James Calvert,- Chair Ernie Little, Chair Lee Day Chair Andrew C. Milliken, Chair
Lee Day Lee Day State Fire Marshal  – Vacant Richard Gregory Kris Bridges
Ernie Little Jeff Bailey Dennis Linaburg Bettie Reeves-Nobles Perry Weller
Walter Bailey Walter Bailey Richard Gregory Stephanie L. Koren Ernie Little
David Hankley James Stokely Keith Johnson David Hankley Elaine B. Gall
James Calvert James Poindexter Robert Farrell James Stokely Steven Sites
Linda Hale
Garret Dyer
Henry Rosenbaum
Maurice Wilson
Richard Gregory
Mike Perdue