Virginia’s current performance management system is comprised of four, linked processes: strategic planning, performance measurement, program evaluation, and performance budgeting. Because the processes are designed to work together to manage the performance of state government, this system is referred to as the Virginia’s “performance management” system. Additional information on Virginia’s performance management system can be found on the Department of Planning and Budget’s website.

Under Virginia’s performance management system, Strategic Planning is defined as a systematic clarification and documentation of what an organization wishes to achieve and how to achieve it.

Over the last several years, building the Virginia Department of Fire Programs’ (VDFP) Strategic Plan has been a multi-faceted process and our goal each year is to create a living document to serve as our guide for each biennium. Our plan is continuously reviewed and updated to ensure we are staying up-to-date with our internal and external customers’ needs.

You can also access the Agency’s Strategic plans using the Virginia Performs – Department of Fire Programs (960) link.