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  • A core group of VDFP staff participated in personnel-specific User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on October 24 at the Virginia Public Safety Training Center to familiarize themselves with the student and instructor perspectives. Staff reactions:

“An all-inclusive program for VDFP fire training in the state for scheduling, providing, and documenting training.”

“Streamlined, efficient, and user friendly.”

“New system that is student/user driven.”

Staff performed 17 test cases from user login to viewing certificates. The test cases included in UAT covered highly anticipated functions in Cornerstone OnDemand, and were selected based on student and instructor inquiry trends.

  • VDFP Staff are now in the “Crossover Period” of the Cornerstone OnDemand implementation. During the Crossover Period, VDFP Staff will work in the Fire Service Training Records System (FSTRS) to handle course administration tasks for 2019 and Cornerstone OnDemand to handle course administration tasks from November 2019 until end of calendar year 2020.  (Right: Welcome page preview)
  • VDFP Training & Operations continues to rebuild its Training Officer contact list before the Cornerstone OnDemand launch in early 2020. Please fill out the Training Officer form to update information.


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