Distribution of funding related to this grant is managed by the Virginia Department of Forestry.  Please contact the Virginia Department of Forestry, Fire Branch at 434/977-6555 for additional details.

Knowing about a quantity of available water in area streams, ponds and cisterns gives an advantage to a fire department only if the water is readily accessible. Soft or obstructed ground may limit access. Or, the needed water may be located so far away from where it is needed that a fire department’s ability to do its job of fire control is impaired.

Mobile water supply vehicles can move water from distant sources, but the critical factor is whether or not the fire department can maintain an uninterrupted supply of a predictable rate of water at the fire scene

Installation of dry hydrants into numerous nearby and developed water supplies eliminates the inefficiency and complexity of long-distance water shuttle operations. This arrangement also allows access to water sources from a roadway instead of having to work on soft ground immediately adjacent to the pond or stream.