VFIRS Knowledge Center Training

Virginia Fire Incident Reporting System (VFIRS) online training is also available to fire departments through the VDFP Knowledge Center virtual classroom. The training gives fire service the ability to take a course online using their computer at home or at the station. The VFIRS online training course takes approximately 30 min. to complete and includes a knowledge check to test your knowledge of the information.

  • Course Title: VDFP FST VFIRS

Please click on the following link to go to our webpage for information on taking classes on-line through the VDFP Knowledge Center.

VDFP Virtual Classroom

The webpage contains information on how to register and setup an account and also includes instructions on taking a class for the first time.

To Take the Course

When you logon to the VDFP Knowledge Center, go to “Learning Center” in the top bar menu and then click on <Course Catalog>. Enter <VDFP FST VFIRS> under Search Text and click <Search>. You should then see “VDFP FST VFIRS”. Click on the course to take the VFIRS training.

After you view the presentation, there is a knowledge check quiz at the end in which you have to score at least 80% (8 out of 10 questions correct) to successfully pass the course.

To Print your Certificate

After you have completed the training, go to <My Workspace> and then click on <My Transcript>. Find and click on <VDFP FST VIFRS> from your list of completed courses. Click the <View Certificate> button to open/save and print your certificate.