In 2018 there were 61 civilian fire deaths in Virginia. Don’t become part of the statistic, are you ready if the unthinkable occurs?

According to the Department of Homeland security, only 71% of Americans have a home escape plan and only 47% of Americans have practiced their plan. The Fire Prevention Week theme for 2019 is Not Every Hero Wears a Cape, Plan and Practice Your Escape.

Preparation is vital to surviving a home fire.  Every household should create a fire escape plan and practice the plan. Don’t just practice in the daylight, practice at night, with the lights off, and with your eyes closed, because it is important that you are able to safely navigate to an exit even in sub-optimal conditions

Your home escape plan should include:

  • A map of your home with all doors and windows
  • Two ways out of every room
  • Smoke alarms marked
  • Meeting place marked

Also make sure to account for any household members that may need additional assistance exiting in the event of an emergency.  This includes any children, as well as disabled individuals or household members with limited mobility.


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The National Fire Protection Association has additional resources about how to protect yourself and your household at