Throughout the fiscal year, each VDFP Division Office will assist designated localities around the Commonwealth with multi-course offerings to training the emergency service providers. These venues allow the locality to select a number of courses to be offered at a central location which is advertised primarily on the VDFP Website in conjunction with localities marketing the programs locally. The VDFP Division Office will furnish Administrative staff for pre-registration and during the event and will work closely with key representatives of the hosting jurisdiction to insure quality training is offered to all in attendance. As defined in the Local Training Obligations guidelines, it is the responsibility to acquire logistical support for each of the programs that have been identified. If a registration fee is being requested, these fees will cover all cost associated to the school outside instructor fees and services.

Registration guidelines

It is the responsibility of the individual student or department to register for a specific class and forward any associated fee to the appropriate VDFP Division Office. If registration fees are associated with a specific regional school, on-line registration will not be available. In this case the candidate or department will be required to forward completed applications and fees prior to being registered by the Division Office. Once the capacity for pre-registration to a class has been met the course will be closed and no additional students will be admitted. It is not the policy of the VDFP Division Office to hold a waiting list for courses, any late registrations and fees will be returned to the sender. It is the policy of the Virginia Department of Fire Programs to close pre-registration of each approved course 10 days prior to the designated start date. If insufficient preregistration numbers are identified at this time, the course will be cancelled.

Registration Notification

If there are pre-course assignments or additional information that needs to be forwarded to the candidates, a letter will be generated to allow sufficient time for the student to prepare. The Division Offices will make every effort to notify individuals in a timely fashion.

Printed Materials

Printed materials and books will be made available during the first day of class or in advance through the VDFP Bookstore. It will be the responsibility of the student to cover all cost associated. If personal or Department checks are being written to cover these charges, the checks will need to be made out to Commonwealth of Virginia.

Local information

Occasionally additional information outside of the information listed within may be required. This information will traditionally be identified on the Regional School flyer or by local marketing. The key to the presentation of a Regional School is communication and good working relationship with the VDFP Division Office. If additional information is needed regarding your involvement with a Regional School venue, contact the VDFP Division Office.