For VFMA only

VFMA currently accepts several on-line training courses for NFPA 1031/1033 recertification hours, up to a maximum of 50% of required hours per 24-month training cycle. The only source approved for NFPA 1031 on-line training is the DHCD. The only two sources approved for NFPA 1033 on-line training at this time are DCJS (many but not all DCJS courses are approved for recert) and CFI Trainer. Individuals desiring to assure a course is approved may request approval by a simple email to Pre-approval is recommended before taking a course to assure it is a credited course. At least eight hours each 1031 cycle must be completed in a classroom setting with an instructor present. At least twenty hours each 1033 cycle must be completed in a classroom setting with an instructor present. No on-line course may be repeated within a 24-month training cycle for recertification credit.

We also accept CFI Trainer courses taught in a classroom setting with a lead instructor present in the classroom. This is to assure the student that any question(s) he/she may have are answered quickly and correctly. The instructor is also responsible for assuring the student attends the entire course and properly takes the test as necessary.

Several Virginia fire associations now offer that training to their members. Pre- approval is required for classes with twelve students or more. To do that you must:

  1. 1)  Obtain a classroom with audio-visual / internet capabilities
  2. 2)  Select the course(s) you wish to offer to your students
  3. 3)  Designate a lead instructor who will be responsible for paperwork and attendance records
  4. 4)  Submit a course approval request form to us (just like any other recert course)
  5. 5)  Have at least twelve students interested in the course

We will assign a school number and the lead instructor must be present in the classroom for the course offering(s) and be responsible for all V-DFP paperwork (as required for any recert course). Return all paperwork to the VFMA within ten days of the end of the class. The VFMA will then issue recertification CEUs for each student for the hours they attended.

Rev 12-15-2014