As a NFPA 1031-certified fire inspector you will need to complete a minimum of 16 hours of recertification training every 24 months to maintain your Fire Inspector 1031 (and summons powers potential). This training shall include subjects as listed below:

  1. Review of constitutional law
  2. Update of state codes
  3. Review of court decisions affecting code enforcement
  4. Review of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code
  5. Updates on code reference material and / or NFPA standards affecting code enforcement
  6. Other code topics specifically related to fire inspectors’ duties and responsibilities
  7. NOTE: At least eight hours must be related to items 1 thru 5 above
  8. NOTE: “Other” code topics shall be related to commercial properties (not 1 & 2 family) 8 hrs. MAX

As a NFPA 1033-certified fire investigator you will need to complete a minimum of 40 hours of recertification training every 24 months to maintain Fire Investigator certification (and police powers potential). This training shall include 8 hours of mandatory subjects as listed below:

  1. Selected Acts of the Virginia General Assembly
  2. Laws of Arrest
  3. Juvenile Laws
  4. Search and Seizure Laws
  5. Rules of Evidence
  6. Other legal subjects (as approved by the VFMA)

The remaining recertification training hours may include other subjects selected by the locality and approved by the VFMA to complete the mandatory in-service training. Sample topics may include fatal fire investigations, forensic laboratory procedures, photography or report writing.

No more than four hours every 24 month cycle may include non-investigative topics such as public relations, management or supervision. Additional investigator training may be received from fire code related topics that would be beneficial for an investigator in the performance of their investigative duties, up to a maximum of twenty hours per cycle.

If you are both a fire inspector and a fire investigator you will still need to obtain the 40 hours of 1033-related training and 16 hours of 1031-related training for a total of 56 hours. You may only transfer 1031-related training hours to 1033 if you have met all your requirements for fire inspector. No 1033 topics may be transferred to 1031 for certification purposes. Up to one-fourth of your recertification requirements may be from teaching related topics within that subject field (1031 or 1033). You may only teach after having two years experience as a full-time inspector or investigator. It is not required that you be a VDFP instructor to teach in-house training but you must submit a course approval request form indicating you desire your teaching hours to be counted towards your recertification.

All courses or schools must be pre-approved by the VDFP Fire Marshal Academy. Schools will be approved on the basis of curricula, instructors, facilities and other requirements deemed necessary by the Department of Fire Programs. The primary concern for approval will be to assure proper subject matter as listed above. All schools must be taught in a classroom environment with a lead instructor. EXCEPTIONS: Several DHCD courses are approved for 1031 recert CEUs and all CFITrainer courses and many DCJS courses are approved for 1033 recert CEUs (pre-approval is still recommended to assure you get credit). If you take a course we don’t recognize for recertification you will receive credit for training hours but not recertification credit hours. Approved on-line training may not exceed 50% of your training cycle hours (eight for 1031 and twenty for 1033).

If you are certified (sworn) under VA §27-34.2:1 and your locality authorizes you to carry a weapon you must furnish the VFMA a copy of your weapon qualification once a year (your locality may require you to qualify more often). If you attended a DCJS law enforcement class they may be tracking your recertification training.

If you will not be maintaining your summons powers and / or police powers or their potential in the future please know that your certification is good for life. It is important to note that if you do not maintain your recertification training hours for any reason then you lose your potential for summons or police powers. To re- obtain those powers you will be required to retake the entire perspective course.

It is the responsibility of the inspector / investigator to forward all proof of receiving the mandatory training to the Fire Marshal Academy at the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. Before sending any files be sure to make a copy for your own files. You are encouraged to review your own training records by visiting and logging into the records section from the tab titled “Login to FSTRS.”

This document is informative only. It is not the responsibility of the VDFP / VFMA to remind you of your recertification obligations. It is the responsibility of each individual to track their own training and assure they maintain such training as required by regulation. Other than the initial training cycle for each discipline all 1031 training cycles end on December 31st of even years (2016, 2018, 2020 etc) and all 1033 training cycles end on December 31st of odd years (2015, 2017, 2019 etc.).

An individual may request a training records review once per cycle. A supervisor may also request one review for each of his / her personnel each training cycle. These requests will be performed as time allows.

For additional inquires, please email or call Naomi Mottley at 804-249-1956.