Do I have to be certified to be a firefighter in Virginia?

There is no requirement to be certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia; however, many jurisdictions do require certifications.

What are the requirements for Fire Officer I, II, III, and IV in Virginia?

There are pre-requisites for each course. Please check the course list for more information

Can I be a fire inspector without having police powers?

Yes – you can be an NFPA 1031 Certified Fire Inspector without police power.

Can I be a firefighter at age 14, 15, or 16?

Only 16 and 17 year olds who are certified as Firefighter I can participate in firefighting duties. See Section 40.1-79.01 for more specific language.

Why does Virginia require CPR and HMA to become certified as a firefighter?

CPR is formatted in the curriculum with a basic first aid course to protect our firefighters on the scene and civilians. HMA is an OSHA requirement under 29 CRR 1910.120 Q

What are your prerequisites for ARFF firefighter in Virginia?

Firefighter II and Hazmat Operations

I am certified in NY State (or any other state), why can’t you accept my credentials?

Virginia accepts NBFSPQ (Pro Board) and IFSAC

What does the term Pro-Board mean to me as a firefighter?

NBFSPQ credentials allow firefighters to easily transfer credentials to an accredited state.

What is IFSAC certification?

IFSAC is the International Fire Science Accreditation College; IFSAC is the second accrediting agency in the US for firefighters.

How do I secure a Pro-board certificate? What is the cost?

Applications are available in all area offices as well as on the VDFP website. Cost is $17.50 per application and 10 or more applications at a fee of  $12.00 per certificate.