The Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) has compiled the following information to assist
homeowners with property damage from blasting fly-rock incident.

If a blast causes debris to fly through the air and damage your property and your locality does not have
its own fire official, contact the SFMO at 804-371-0220. Every effort will be made to have a SFMO
representative contact you within 2 business days of a fly-rock complaint.

If your property is damaged, contact your insurance company or agent to explore the option of
submitting a claim.

The contractor may not automatically pay for the damage to your property. Contractors are required to
carry insurance or are bonded; however, the SFMO does not have the authority to force the contractor
to pay a homeowner. Contact the contractor. It is possible the contractor has made arrangements to
compensate for damaged property.

It is possible that your insurance company or a private attorney may be able to help recuperate financial
loss from a contractor if the contractor does not respond to your request.

In the event you decide to file a claim with your insurance company, do not make permanent repairs to
your property. Wait for the insurance company’s adjustor. It is a good idea to make visual record of the
damage. If possible, take pictures or videos before repairs begin.

Temporary repairs may be necessary to secure your damaged property from further damage or theft.
Save all receipts from necessary temporary repair work.

If you avoid making needed temporary repairs to protect your damaged property from being further
damaged, your insurance may not cover subsequent damage. Review your homeowner’s policy. Pay
special attention to the section “What You Must Do After A Loss.” The claim and repair process may take
more than a few days.

If you feel your insurance company has refused to let you file a claim or improperly denied your claim,
you may contact the State Corporation Commission (SCC). The SCC might be able to help mediate your
complaint with the insurance company.