Registration: Students will be required to register online using the VDFP FSTRS system. Once a student registers for the course, they will be directed to a page that shows that they have been successfully registered for the course. The Registration confirmation page MUST be printed to accompany your registration fee.   Payment Methods:

By Check:

Students wishing to pay by check should print off their registration confirmation and include a $10.00 per day, nonrefundable check made out to the Treasurer of Virginia. On the registration confirmation sheet please indicate the total cost of the course in which you are attending. If you are registering for more than one course, please indicate the course cost for each of the courses separately.

Checks along with the registration confirmation can be mailed to:   Virginia Department of Fire Programs Attn: Rescue Week 1005 Technology Park Drive Glen Allen, VA. 23059

By Credit Card:

Students wishing to pay by credit card can fax their registration confirmation page to the VDFP Bookstore at: 804‐371‐3334. After faxing the registration confirmation, contact the VDFP bookstore at (804) 249‐1976 to give the credit card information.

All registration fees will be nonrefundable. Registration fees must be received by September 16, 2016. Participants who register but fail to pay the registration fee by September 16, 2016 will automatically be removed from the course.