This letter serves as notification of the availability of the FY-2023 Annual Package.  Beginning with FY2013, VDFP began providing the Annual Package electronically.  The Annual Package may be found on the Virginia Department of Fire Programs’ website and contains the following:

Aid to Localities (ATL)

    • FY-2023 Audit Sheet
    • FY-2023 Disbursement Agreement
    • FY-2022 Annual Report
    • FY-2023 Allocations
    • FY-2023 Disbursement Schedule
    • Helpful Hints in Completing Annual Reports and Agreements


Live Fire Training Structure Grant Program


 Regional Fire Services Training Grants Program

  Application period opens July 1, 2022

  • Regional Fire Services Training Facilities Grants Application
  • Regional Fire Services Training Facilities Disbursement Agreement


VFIRS Hardware Grants Program

    • Letter from VDFP Information and Statistics Manager
    • VFIRS Application


Conference and Education Assistance Grants Program

**Application period Closes July 1, 2022**

  • Conference and Education Grant Application



Please note that the application postmark deadline for the Regional Fire Service Training Grant and the VFIRS Hardware Grant is August 31, 2022.


Also note that the FY-2023 Annual Reports will not be accepted prior to July 1, 2022.


All program forms are available on our website at



Special Notifications of Funding Programs and Opportunities


Aid to Localities Entitlement (ATL) Program

The Virginia Fire Services Board (VFSB) voted to permanently increase to the minimum ATL allocations for Towns, Cities, and Counties at the Board meeting in June 2022.  The minimum ATL allocations for Towns increased to $15,000; and Counties and Cities increased to $30,000.  Below is a chart to illustrate the minimum increases:


Type of Jurisdiction


NEW Effective July 1, 2022

Incorporated Towns

$ 10,000

$ 15,000


$ 20,000

$ 30,000


$ 20,000

$ 30,000


ATL allocations are calculated based upon the most current US Population Census which was conducted in 2020.  Based upon population, jurisdictions that have ATL allocations that fall below the minimum dollar values will have their ATL allocations raised to the minimum dollar level specified above.


Live Fire Training Structure Grant Program

The program provides for the construction, renovation, or repair of burn buildings in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Regional Fire Services Training Facilities (RFSTF) Grant Program

The Program is designed to provide grants to Virginia localities for the acquisition of training props to be utilized as regional fire services training facilities per the NFPA 1001 and 1403 training standards. Funding will be awarded at 50% of the proposed project.  The locality will have to contribute the remaining 50%. The application period is July 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022. The Program Policy and related documents can be found on our website under the


VFIRS Hardware Grants Program

The amount of funding for the VFIRS Grant is $700.  This funding level will allow the VFSB & VDFP to provide more applicants with funding. The minimum specifications can be found in the Agency Practices document located on our website under the


Conference and Education Assistance Grant Program

The program provides financial support for conferences and seminars sponsored by Virginia based non-profit organization to further the education of fire and emergency service personnel. FY23 Application period closes July 1st.  The Program will be evaluated as competitive. FY2023 awards will be made based in funding availability and the project performance period will be determine upon award.


If you have questions about the documents and forms or need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me at 804-249-1958 or via email at



Respectfully, Theresa Hunter

Budget and Grants Manager