About the Program

The Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Division is responsible for the program development and agency accreditation.

This section is responsible for the agencies accreditation through which they work with the Division and Program offices to develop programs that meet and exceed the national standards and accreditation requirements. Through this area the agency has 29 programs accredited with the National Board of Fire Service Professional Qualifications (PROBOARD). The development of the agencies programs is conduct using Fire Service subject matter experts (SME) from across the Commonwealth through a development committee with oversight from the respective Program Manager. During the review cycle of a specific program fire service representatives that have an interest in a specific topic may petition to serve on a development team.

The criteria for selection is:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the subject matter,
  • have the sponsoring department affirm the SME to be available for all development and working group tasks and
  • participate in the dissemination of an approved curriculum.

Curriculum Development Working Groups