VDFP Resumes Previously Cancelled Courses Effective July 18

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs (VDFP) resumed in-person training courses that were cancelled at the onset of COVID-19 in mid-March. VDFP will not be accepting new course requests until January 1, 2021.

Prior to the pandemic, VDFP had more than 500 classes scheduled throughout the Commonwealth. With the fluidity of COVID-19 and local policies around use of training facilities and available resources, courses will be offered in conjunction with VDFP local partners.

To view VDFP-funded courses that are available for registration, visit Cornerstone OnDemand. You must log in with a new or existing account to view available courses.

VDFP Training Policies
In preparation for participation with the resumption of VDFP training courses, VDFP recommends that students and instructors review its training policies to navigate current operations, procedures, and agency expectations.
  • VDFP Pandemic Operations Policy – The Pandemic Operations Policy addresses the most common questions localities, students, and instructors may have about training procedures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • VDFP Live Fire Training Policy – The Live Fire Training Policy includes the prohibition of the use of oriented strand board (OSB) containing PMDI (poly-methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) and how to perform decontamination at the end of live fire training with medical evaluation procedures following live fire training events.
  • VDFP Extreme Weather Policy – The Extreme Weather Policy is an existing policy that outlines training procedures for instructors and students in extreme heat and cold conditions. Temperatures are expected to be higher than normal during the week of July 19.

VDFP Code of Ethics and Values
VDFP remains committed to providing members of Virginia’s Fire Service quality programs and resources, while ensuring that VDFP staff are operating under the utmost ethical guidelines and principles.

Review the newly updated VDFP Code of Ethics and Core Values.