VDFP Now Accepting Course Requests from Localities Until Sept. 1
VDFP staff is currently working with our stakeholders to reschedule classes that were affected by the March – July shutdown. Additionally, we continue to plan for future VDFP funded deliveries to the more than 700 fire departments that exist in the Commonwealth.
Beginning August 15, 2020 and continuing until September 1, 2020, VDFP Division Chiefs will accept funded course requests from localities for the period of January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 (18-months). This extended time will enable VDFP and its stakeholders to be more efficient, allow for a reduction in cancelled classes, allow stakeholders to plan on attendance for future course offerings, and reduce duplicate course offerings in adjacent geographical areas.
  • Stakeholders who submit requests for January and February of 2021 will be notified of their request status by October 1, 2020.
  • Stakeholders submitting requests for the time frame of March 2021 – June 2022 will be notified of their request status by December 1, 2020.
Please make sure that your request is fully filled out to include requested dates as well as venue. VDFP staff will make every effort to accommodate training requests but may have to combine requests in adjacent areas of the Commonwealth.
Questions or comments should be directed to Bill MacKay, VDFP Chief of Training and Operations at william.mackay@vdfp.virginia.gov